About Johnny Shirley

Born and raised in Paulding County, Johnny Lee Shirley is the definition of a homegrown Republican. A true local, Johnny Lee Shirley, alongside his wife Lee (Angel) Shirley, boasts strong ties to Paulding County, having both graduated from Paulding County High School. Johnny is deeply rooted in the community and dedicated to the betterment of Paulding County.

In the upcoming special election on May 21, Paulding County Post 4 residents have the opportunity to elect a true Christian conservative leader – Johnny Lee Shirley. Johnny, a Paulding County native, comes with a wealth of experience and a clear vision for the future of Post 4.

A proud veteran of the U.S. Navy and a seasoned law enforcement/public safety officer with 35 years of service to Paulding County and the State of Georgia, Johnny Shirley stands out as the most prepared and qualified candidate for the Post 4 commissioner position. Having served as a Chief Executive for two law enforcement agencies in the county, Johnny possesses a deep understanding of Paulding County Ordinances, zoning regulations, property tax issues, and more.

Johnny’s mission is to bring about positive changes that benefit all Paulding residents. His key priorities include advocating for property tax relief for seniors, responsible decision-making in new developments, thorough impact studies before residential approvals, and a commitment to uphold conservative values where he calls home.

With a dedication to improving infrastructure, enhancing public safety services, and restoring citizens’ confidence in the county government, Johnny Lee Shirley is the candidate who will work tirelessly to represent the values and concerns of all Paulding residents.

As the election date approaches, Republican voters living in Post 4 are encouraged to support Johnny Lee Shirley, a candidate who not only has a proven track record of service but also a genuine passion for his community. Your vote for Johnny is a vote for a brighter future for Post 4 and Paulding County.

Johnny's Bio

Please take a moment and allow me to introduce myself to you and my thoughts and reasons I am seeking to represent the people of Post 4.

My name is Johnny Lee Shirley. My wife, Lee (Angel) Shirley, and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on May 3, 2024. We both grew up in Paulding County and graduated from Paulding County High School in 1984 and 1985, respectively. We share 5 children, 10 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild, 1 dog and a cat.

Both my wife and I come from families with long histories of instilling Christian values and principles that encourage service to others. In addition, both our families possess long histories of military and community service. We are deeply rooted in our Christian faith and are members of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Hiram. in the past, we have both served as Sunday school workers and teachers. We are both members of the Paulding County Republican Party and have served in the past as District and State Delegates. I am a veteran of the United States Navy where I served as an aviation mechanic and since the end of my obligated service to our country in 1989, I have worked in the field of law enforcement. During this time, I developed knowledge, skills, and experience that provided me with a perspective of leadership, service, responsibility, and accountability that differs from any other candidate. 

 I was born in Paulding County in 1966 to my parents Brenda (Cole – Shirley) Powell and the late Kenneth Lee Shirley. My father, Kenneth was employed by the Georgia Power Company until his death as the result of a 1981 vehicle accident in Paulding County. My mother, Brenda, served many years as a Registered Nurse in Paulding County until her retirement a few years ago. In 1985 my mother remarried, and I gained a wonderful stepfather, Don Powell, who is a retired MARTA employee and previously served the Paulding community as Post 2 County Commissioner. I am currently actively employed in the law enforcement field and serve as a Digital Forensic Analyst and Tech Agent/Tech Unit Manager for a specialized multi-agency narcotics enforcement unit in the Metro Atlanta area. I have attained multiple career-related professional certifications. In 2023 I Graduated with honors and a 4.0 GPA.  from Eastern Gateway Community College with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice. I am also certified as a Crime and Intelligence Analyst by the State of California Department of Justice. (This was the only state providing such certification at the time and the program was based out of California State University). “When we stop learning we stop preparing for the future and soon fall behind”.

My wife, Lee, is employed as a Registered Nurse/Community Care Coordinator for a company that provides services and resources for the elderly and disabled in all of Northwest Georgia. She was born in 1967 outside Paulding while her father served as an Officer and Flight Navigator in the U.S. Airforce during the Vietnam War. Her parents are John “Wayne” Angel and the late Linda Lee Angel. My father-in-law, Wayne is a graduate of the University of Georgia and served Paulding County for many years as the Senior Forester for the Georgia Craft and Temple-Inland timber companies before retiring and moving to his childhood hometown of Cave Spring, GA.

I possess extensive professional management skills and robust personal experience in the daily operation and management of local and county governments. This includes government budgeting, property tax issues, drafting and implementation of local legislation, and enforcing State and local laws and ordinances. My over 35 years of public service make me the ideal candidate to serve at this moment in Paulding County’s history. If you believe in responsible common-sense government emphasizing family values and security, I am your candidate.