My Plan

If elected to represent the citizens of POST 4:


  • I will work to bring an end to the out-of-control yearly property valuation and millage rate increases.


  • I will push for critically needed infrastructure improvements for roads and schools by working closely with our Board of Education to keep up with the population growth.


  • I will work closely with our Sheriff and other Public Safety agency Leaders to address critical public safety delivery issues and required improvements that are required for the current and future growth of Paulding County.


  • I will push for an open, transparent, and professional County Government. We all need to be assured that our tax dollars are being used and spent wisely.


  • I will make myself available to hear and make every attempt possible to address your questions and/or concerns. I pledge that I will not say what I think you want to hear; I will hear what you have to say.


  • I will be your commissioner who will push for answers, accountability, and responsible common-sense decisions by the County Government. With me, you will have elected a representative who understands and empathizes with the diverse population of Paulding County and seeks to help Paulding County become a safer and fiscally responsible place that we are proud to call home.